Granite Colors

Granite monuments have evolved over time. The traditional head stone, grave stone, granite grave marker, memorial and cemetery monument that were basic in style design and similarity have given way to what many consider personalization or art form. Granite in the form of monuments lends itself to allow the family to express the life of the deceased in many artistic expressions. Etchings on granite monuments can show the progression of your loved ones life or how they spent their time in recreation or with family or simply a reflection of their faith. Head stones can take the shape of motorcycles, cars, animals or whatever representation the family feels best memorializes the life and times of their family member. Let East Texas Monument help you design your granite monument.

  • Sunset Red

    Sunset Red

  • China Pink

    China Pink

  • Cats Eye Red

    Cats Eye Red

  • Salisbury Pink

    Salisbury Pink

  • Wausau Red

    Wausau Red

  • Absolute Black

    Absolute Black

  • Moonlight Gray

    Moonlight Gray

  • Pine Green

    Pine Green

  • Star Gray

    Star Gray

  • India Red

    India Red

  • Paradiso


  • Mountain Red

    Mountain Red

  • Autumn Rose

    Autumn Rose

  • White Marble

    White Marble

  • China Black

    China Black

  • Morning Rose

    Morning Rose

  • Georgia Gray

    Georgia Gray

  • Rainbow


  • Bahama Blue

    Bahama Blue

  • Dakota Mahogany

    Dakota Mahogany

  • Canadian Mahogany

    Canadian Mahogany

  • Colonial Rose

    Colonial Rose

  • Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl