A headstone is a lasting symbol and recorded history of the life of a family member. How you choose to record that memory is a personal choice. Your compassionate staff at East Texas Monument will assist you with these decisions. The headstone or grave monument you choose can take a variety of directions and designs. A headstone is often called by other names such as monument, grave marker, funeral monument, grave monument, memorials, granite monuments, cemetery monument, gravestones, granite grave marker, memorial monuments, gravestone, monuments headstone or bronze markers. There are also pet headstones and pet grave monuments.

Whether you use the term headstone or grave monument or any of the other terms, the key is your satisfaction in selecting your memorial. The process should not be rushed. We at East Texas Monument will spend the time with you needed to make your decision. Your choice of a granite monument is a lasting one and we have an endless library of designs to help your decision making process. If you want to keep your headstone simple we can do that. If your desire is to personalize your grave monument we have examples on display, in catalogues and a computer program that makes changes and options easy to show you on the spot. In most cases, we will print you a copy of your gravestone selection design at the time of your visit. You can take your copy of your unique headstone design with you and share with your family and friends. The feedback you receive will help the healing process of your loss and build your confidence in your choice of monument.

Headstones and grave monuments are on display at our East Texas Monument Lufkin and Nacogdoches locations. Browsing through these assortments of memorials, gravestones, funeral monuments will allow you the time to think and see what is available. If you do not find the exact grave marker or cemetery monument you were thinking of, we have numerous catalogues and design books showing the wide variety of granite monuments available to you. The time spent looking through our arrangement of monuments will allow you to visualize how your gravestone will look in the cemetery and assure you that you have picked the right headstone.

We install each monument on a granite or sacrete foundation to help eliminate the tilting or leaning found in almost every cemetery. While we cannot guarantee that our monuments will never lean or tilt, using a higher quality foundation does help, and we guarantee that we will straighten your monument should it ever become un-level. We can also help should your monument ever need to be cleaned or have lettering added.